What Software-SUPER-POWERS does YOUR business need?

Customer Relationship Management Product Management Project Management
Statistics Graphs Performance Management
Marketing management Marketing Incentives Customer Intake
Internet driven Mobile accessible Powerful information on desktops
Financial Management Financial Planning Accounting Reporting
Interfacing with other systems Interfacing with my customers Connecting with social media
Fast response time Reliable system operation and backups Easy and low-cost to maintain
Medical applications Billing and Re-billing systems Legal support
Document Management Webinar Management Webinar marketing optimization
Unique strategic advantages Zoom ahead of competition First to market with my idea

40 Years of experience in creating software faster and more effectively.

I started early. At the age of 14 I wrote my first business system, real estate property management for rental apartments. With 40 years of experience I can deliver software probably faster than anyone else you know. I have created a highly productive business application development framework, where I can create Internet-based database, business and information systems at a very fast pace because I have a huge repertoire of existing modules to choose from where I can just pick and match components together, and typically create a new system very, very fast by just using what’s there already. Even if they are screens that I don’t have yet, I can typically program those screens with an absolute minimum of new code, and still make them highly responsive and interactive, such as with automatic saving of data as it gets entered (no save button needed), etc.

Here is a list of the different types of business applications that I have created, single-handedly:
  • real estate property management for medium to extremely large organizations
  • project management for construction, and real estate lifecycle from planning to demolition.
  • project management for the lifecycle of pretty much anything
  • financial data warehouse and financial reporting for governmental organizations
  • financial portfolio management for investment bank
  • financial reconciliation software for banks with artificial intelligence
  • CRMs for very large organizations
  • CRMs for smaller organizations
  • membership management
  • highly automated flexible emailing systems with easy expansion for complicated logic
  • highly flexible survey systems for things like patient intake, quality control, and pretty much anything that pushes out survey questionnaires to targeted public
  • webinar management
  • webinar replay management with surveys as viewers watch replays
  • marketing-related support systems
  • event attendance monitoring, scheduling and invitation
  • statistic data gathering, reporting and graphing
  • statistics gathering for nonprofit organizations
  • standard management administration scale systems
  • time tracker, time management, timesheet reporting for medium to large organizations
  • many systems to help organizations to push in Standard Hubbard Management principles into the organization
  • group statistics, with creating competitive “birthday game” challenges
  • cash flow management for businesses
  • financial planning software for businesses
  • student loan management
  • medical and chiropractic practice management software complete with billing, re-billing, scheduling, report writing etc.
  • specialized medical systems for niche markets
  • medical patient portals where patients can the report the progress of the treatments to their practitioners and manage treatment
  • legal support system that helps doctors and attorneys fight back against suppressive insurance practices
  • dating site
  • small social media site
  • introductory testing, producing graphs of what clients want for financial advisors, practice management trainers, and all sorts of organizations
  • sophisticated shopping carts for mobile phone companies with complicated plan interdependencies, available phone systems and add-ons, etc. etc.
  • interconnect software that connects large existing systems and databases to other large existing systems and databases, either at the database level or at the API level.
  • piggyback on-screen add-on software that can be added to large the rigid fixed systems to create additional functionality that is highly customizable, at the database level API level, for systems that normally cannot be modified.
  • software that scans books and converts them into MP3 files
  • document management systems that take documents in over the Internet and to build a repository for large organizations
  • physical security access management for large organizations with various layers of approval processes
… and many, many more.
I have access to the modules library of all my above systems and the right to reuse any of them for future creation. (Of course, I can’t create copy-clones of existing systems that would compete with existing customers. But I have found that typically each customer has very much of their own specific ideas anyway of what they need and want, and many of them and not even similar typically.)
Over the years it got faster and faster to develop business systems, because I typically just needs to mix and match functionality from existing systems, and give it a modern user interface. The fact that the data model of all the above systems is very simple, yet extremely flexible, and strikingly similar among all of them with very few tables makes it that much easier to mix and match components.
I typically need to create very little custom code, and most of the actual development is done shaping the HTML5 user interface with the visual design tools.
Let’s connect and see what software masterpiece I can build for you!