Recently, someone asked the FoxPro community on LinkedIn who considered themselves to be a real FoxPro Developer.

Of course, I replied, and here is what I said:

HERE I AM! I see myself as a real FoxPro developer: Over the last 16 years, more and more of my clients’ needs moved away from Windows, and for the last 10 years or so EVERYONE needs only Internet-based databases, no more Windows-Install-stuff. So, I am using VFP + Rick Strahl’s wonderful Web Connection + HTML5 + jQuery + Apache and need pretty much nothing else. VFP still does the heavy lifting, database, app and business logic, and the rest is only front-end. No need to depend on flimsy “latest and greatest” MS Bot-NET MS-cash-cow come-and-go things, Windows Network file corruptions, UI incompatibilities because of Windows Versions, etc. etc. etc. Rick does an amazing job of keeping VFP up-to-date and relevant on the web. I can focus only on productivity in creating web applications by depending on a language that has developed from it roots in the 80s. So yes, I consider myself a FoxPro developer, and a proud one at that.