What is an Enterprise System Builder?

Most programmers work in large teams, and each of them gets a small chunk of the work, because their productivity is low, even with the “latest and greatest” technology, which keeps changing every 3-4 years. This costs a LOT of time and money. Your money. Your time.

I on the other hand can single-handedly create a complete enterprise-level operational system in less than a year, complete from start to finish. Smaller systems even faster. At a price point substantially lower than these multi-developer operations, even if they are from India, Phillippines or wherever.

Put me to the test. I don’t shy away from any comparisons.

Are you losing Income and Profits?

How much is it costing you if you don’t get YOUR business ideas to market on time?

Are you falling behing your competition?

If you had the right software, would that give you a strategic advantage?

The income that you are NOT making now because of lost opportunity can be the greatest financial loss for your company.

35 Years of Software Experience

You have a great business idea. You need some great software. You could hire an IT team of 3-10 people. Or you could hire ONE high-performance Enterprise System Builder and still get it done faster and better.

I have a wide range of knowledge, from the early days of microcomputers to the most modern things currently going on.

I can build your system from a HUGE library of existing well-tested building blocks, which all work together seamlessly.

What do you need? CRM, Project Management, Graphics, Statistics, Reports, Emailing, Customer Management, Media management, Security, and many, many more allow me to get your project on the fast track.

Managing Hyper-growth

This client expanded from zero to 15000 employees in 1100 locations and 3 countries in 4 years! Their $300K real estate software caused HUGE headaches. My work created an Intranet interface for their system and facilitated growth with extremely sophisticated project planning.

Fastest Data Warehouse in North America

I single-handedly wrote the fastest intranet data warehouse in North America. Used by over 2000 users this system saved the Canadian government over $200,000 in distributing mainframe financial reports to their users across Ontario

Real Estate Database for the largest land owner on the planet.

I had the absolute honor of being in a position to single-handedly convert a mainframe-based real estate database to the modern world of networks and the intranet. A project that took 3 years resulted in a system that generated a lot of fame for itself. Can you imagine owning 30% more land than Russia?

From zero to going LIVE in 1.5 DAYS!

Because I have such an extensive library of re-usable modules, I can develop Internet databases faster than anyone. This client went LIVE with their online dating and matchmaking site 1.5 DAYS after I started. And after 15 years, they are still the untouched leader in their market.

Where Insurance Claims
meet Artificial Intelligence!

This is more of an Expert System than pure Artificial Intelligence, but most people who see it in operation instantly recognize the extremely intelligent combination of medical and legal knowledge that empowers this system.
In a world where Insurance Companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on software that uses a network of complex rules in order to minimize what the insurance has to pay out in personal injury settlements, ZEUSCLAIM fights back! It helps the patient, the medical practitioner and the attorneys to cooperate in such a way that their settlement value is maximized.